Saturday, May 26, 2012

Purple Hand o' Fate

Ernie:  Hey, Bert - Bert!  Let's go, Bert - it's time to leave, Bert!
Bert:  Uh, Ernie - hey, Ern, no.  You go on without me, I'm not going to come with you.
Ernie:  Oh but Bert, wait a second.  We've been planning this trip for a week - it's time to leave.
Bert:  But Ernie, I can't go out - I can't go out with you.
Ernie:  But Bert, why not?
Bert:  'Cause I have a purple hand...

Okay, so my hands aren't purple.  At least not right now, though they did have slight hints of purple at first.

This last week, i had a very bad fall and banged up both my knees and crushed both hands - i hit the pavement HARD with my hands bearing the full brunt of my body weight.  My right hand's pretty much back to normal and my left hand still has some pain and slightly reduced functionality.

Why am i telling you this?  Because it's going to affect the blog.

I can type and everything just fine.  But when it happened, i had to miss work at a time when i REALLY couldn't afford to do so.  (Exhibit #14,781 of Someone Up There Really Hates Me And Wants Me To Just Hurry Up And Die Already.)  For someone who's struggling financially and often goes without food so i can pay the bills, this is not a good thing.

Right now, if i'm going to get remotely by, i'll probably have to make do for awhile without one or both of the following:

(a) Internet or (B) Electricity (NOT a good option during Phoenix Arizona summers)

Of course, either way the end result is basically the same since no electricity equals no internet anyway - and no internet means inability to work on Muppet Freak for an unknown length of time.  If i can squeeze out another article or two before that happens, i will but whether or not i do, Muppet Freak will be on hiatus for who knows how long.

I do want to get all the archive articles up before the time comes when i have to just let go completely and give up the ghost and i'm really hoping the break won't be too long and i can get back to finishing things up here...but i don't have any realistic way of knowing if that will be possible or if the hiatus coincides with a permanent leave.

Right now there really isn't much more to say right now other than this...

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