Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Muppet Freak on Hiatus [From the Archives: 6-18-09]

[Usually when i repost an article from the archives, i include my current commentary at the end, but this time it seems better to preface the old post with a current introduction.

So far, as i've been reposting the old site's articles, i've managed so far to post them in the original order in which they first appeared.  However, i made an exception for this Archive Article since it's only fitting to post it right now rather than wait to catch up to it (especially because i may not be able to catch up on posting things for a while.)

As noted on my last entry, personal circumstances look as if it's going to necessitate putting the blog on hiatus for an unknown length of time.  The below entry was also written at a time when i knew i had to put the original Muppet Freak on hold and (like today), didn't know when...or if...i'd be able to come back, so it made for a nice "goodbye" message just in case...]

[The below article was posted on the original Muppet Freak on June 18, 2009]

Due to a sudden number of personal tragedies i'm contending with all at once right now (including but not limited to being laid off - the recession claims yet another statistic!), all my attention/energy is elsewhere and i can not currently maintain this blog.

I sincerely love writing detailed thoughts about the Jim Henson Company and the Muppets as well as my other areas of fandom and i hope that current readers enjoyed reading the things i had to say and that those discovering it later find some value in the archives.

At this point everything in my life is very uncertain, including how much time i may have left, so not only can i give any kind of estimate as to when it will be active again, i can't really even say IF it will be active again. If i can revive it later, trust me - i will. But right now all my fandoms are on the very bottom of the priority list.

The archives will still be kept up here in the event that things somehow end up getting better and everything can return to some degree of normalcy. Should that happen, i'll pick up where i left off. But if it doesn't, you'll at least have a few months worth of some stuff i hope is of great value to some of the people who come across it.

If anyone out there is looking for Muppet collectables, be it rare stuff like scripts or just a place to pick up some second hand books or cds - please contact me as i can use any and all help i can get in terms of income.  [This still applies by the way...I NEED FINANCIAL HELP RIGHT NOW so if there's anything someone wants that i may be able to provide, please don't hesitate to do so (and quickly before i lose net access!!!) dw_m@webtv.net ]

Thanks for reading - and thanks to all the various Muppet/Henson fans i've corresponded with over the years online, offline or both...it's always exciting to connect with people who share the same loves. Those are some of the best memories i'll hold onto as long as i can.

In the event this is my last ever entry here and/or on other fan forums, i'll close with the following thought. Right now there's a lot of ugliness in the world. Names don't need to be mentioned but we all know there's been a lot of world "leaders" who were so driven by personal greed and contempt for large numbers of society (particularly the lower and middle class) that have really harmed the livelihoods of a vast number of this country's and the world's citizens in the last decade. I implore everyone who's been touched by Jim Henson and all the team he's gathered who have carried on his visions since to keep alive the spirit of the values he tried to impart in those he touched via his works or his life. Be kind to one another, help those less fortunate, take care of the environment. Pass it on. Fraggle Rock may not have achieved the goal that Jim stated in that first boardroom meeting of sowing the seeds of peace and stopping all war in the world, but as long as his fans are alive worldwide, maybe they can do what they can in their own ways to make the world a little better one step and one day at a time.

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