Sunday, August 5, 2012

Out of the Bedroom and Into the Boardroom

Yep, you caught us.  Muppet Freak was in hibernation mode for a while again

The last couple of months has been a bit of a nightmare, so of course when your nightmares happen when you're awake, the solution is to stay in bed and be asleep as much as possible.

But sooner or later, one has to get out of bed.  Why?  Well, usually to go to work.

So this month, Muppet Freak is taking a trip to the office!  We're going from the bedroom to the BOARDROOM!

To elaborate, we have a special pair of articles coming up called "Good Business/Bad Business" where we take a look at both terrific and terrible recent business practices coming from the companies entrusted with the legacies of Jim Henson's creations.

As for previous articles i've teased, they're on deck afterward...though one of them - that special major article i've been hinting at for awhile now confronting one of the most important and controversial issues confronting Muppet fandom - will actually be incorporated (no business pun intended) into this series.

With my current schedule, the weekends are the most likely time for updates (Mupdates?) so look for Part 1: "Good Business" next weekend.  Who will be named the recipient of the first ever Muppet Freak "Zelda" Rose?  And for doing what?

For that matter, who will be the winner of the "Bad Business" Award - and what will it be called?  Beats me.  I haven't thought of a good Muppety name for it yet.  Maybe one of YOU can name it and earn a special "Freakier Than Me" acknowledgement!  What should be the flipside of a "Zelda" Rose?  Whatever it is will probably have a similar play on words of a Muppet name.  Got any suggestions?  Include them in the comments!

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