Friday, April 6, 2012

What's the Easter Bunny Bringing to Muppet Freak This Week?

It's Easter week!  So that must mean the Easter Bunny must be bringing some nifty stuff to Muppet Freak this week!  What do you have in store for us, Easter Bunny?

"That's BENNY, not BUNNY!  And I'm not bringing nuttin' for Easter - I gotta get downtown!!"

Eep.  Wrong rabbit.  Okay let's try again.  What cool treats are being prepared for Muppet Freak's Easter Basket?

  "Watch me eat the Poser Muppets!  THANK YOU!"

No no no!  You're a Poser Bunny!  Come on!  All the other Muppet fansites get cool freebies from the Muppet people - doncha have any love for Muppet Freak, Easter Bunny?


...Sigh...okay.  Looks like the Easter Bunnies are a bit occupied at the moment but hey - we're Muppet Freak!  We don't need no stinkin' Easter Bunnies to bring our readers special treats!  We've got lots of cool stuff prepared for Muppet Freak this week, none of which has been inside a messy sticky egg or hidden in the grass where it could have been subjected to neighborhood animals' body fluids.

This week on Muppet Freak, we still have my huge article on one of the biggest issues facing the world of Muppet Fandom (and the third worst thing to ever happen to the Muppets) - i delayed that article to both spend some extra care on it and also because i have a serious subject repost article on deck and rather than posting two more serious posts back-to-back, i have another NEW article which is much more lighthearted and fun coming up to break the two of them up.  As mentioned, we have a repost of one of the original Muppet Freak's most serious subjects - but one with an uplifting message on why the Muppets matter!  A look at those special minor Muppets that serve as a barometer for a production's "Muppetyness"  And maybe some other unplanned surprises if either inspiration strikes, news breaks, someone makes a really good special request or if a froggin' Easter Bunny ever makes its way over to Muppet Freak....

"An Easter Basket for Muppet Freak?  When pigs tie (the knot)!"

Oh come ON!  That's a BONNIE, not a bunny!  I bet this kind of stuff never happens to The Muppet Mindset...

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