Monday, March 26, 2012

Hold on to Your Hat! HAT! HOLD!!!

Well, as i've been adding the old Muppet Freak archives to this new site, i've been placing them up in the same chronological order that they originally appeared in so far.  However the very next archive article due to go up really works best if it adheres to a particular date.  But the good news is, that date is coming up very shortly so i'll hold off about a week before i post it - but it should be worth the's one of my favorites even if some others didn't quite "get it" the first time around.  A very loving tribute to a Muppet Hero and personal inspiration to a lot of people in a very unique context.

But that doesn't mean activity here at Muppet Freak will be on hold since during that time i plan on debuting two brand new articles; one of which has the debut of "The Muppets" in theatres as a backdrop and the other centered around the film's home video release.  One of these will be touching on a very important matter confronting the Muppet fan community and i'm taking a lot of care and time writing it because there's lots to say and i want to be sure it all gets said.

So all in all, even with the small interruption in the archival postings, this should be a very eventful week at Muppet Freak with some very deep content you won't want to miss.  It may even make you both laugh and cry.  You won't see this kind of stuff anywhere else.

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